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The Motion Acupuncture two days lecture in Hamburg, Germany ended successfully

[New York news] On May 4-5, 2024, the “Dr. Chen Decheng Motion Needle Acupuncture Hands-On Training Course” was successfully concluded in Hamburg, Germany. This event was hosted by the German TCM Association. Most of the participating TCM practitioners were German doctors, with attendees also from Switzerland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and two doctors from the United States. These participants are all avid followers of Dr. Chen Decheng. The event received attention and support from local Chinese community leaders. Mr. Jin Songbao, the Deputy Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Hamburg, attended the event to offer his congratulations and delivered an enthusiastic speech.

To ensure the effectiveness of the hands-on course, the organizers limited the number of trainees to fewer than 50. The participants were highly motivated and gained substantial knowledge, earning praise from the organizers and positive feedback from the trainees.

This two-day hands-on training course served as a follow-up to the 60-hour online course the students had already completed. It was a test of their learning outcomes and an opportunity to further enhance their acupuncture skills. On-site, Dr. Chen provided face-to-face, hands-on guidance, with students practicing on each other, effectively addressing various ailments and pains on the spot. Students unanimously reported that this course not only improved their acupuncture skills but also relieved their long-term ailments. They considered it the most valuable class they had attended.

Whether it was neck and shoulder pain, functional disorders, or the inability to bend over or squat, all these issues were treated during the training. Most students experienced immediate and significant results, demonstrating the unique feature of Motion Needle Acupuncture: “learn it easily, apply it effectively.”

A senior doctor who has lived in Germany for 20 years brought her son, who is studying Western medicine, to learn the Motion Needle Acupuncture technique. Initially, her son, who specialized in Western physical therapy and rehabilitation, was dismissive of traditional Chinese acupuncture. Despite his mother’s repeated encouragement to learn acupuncture, he showed little interest. However, witnessing one miraculous treatment after another completely changed his perspective. He developed a great interest in Motion Needle Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The son had been suffering from chronic lower back pain with significant limitations in bending and straightening his back. Despite ongoing treatments, he had never experienced complete relief. During Dr. Chen’s on-site treatment, his back pain disappeared within minutes, and he could move freely. He exclaimed, “This is incredible! Unbelievable!” and expressed a strong desire to further study acupuncture techniques. His mother was also delighted. This experience can be said to have changed the professional trajectory of his life.

On May 4, just as the morning session was about to end, the association’s leadership gave everyone a pleasant surprise. Mr. Jin Songbao, the Deputy Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Hamburg, arrived on behalf of the consulate to congratulate and visit everyone. Deputy Consul General Jin delivered an enthusiastic speech, praising the achievements of the German TCM Association, expressing his regards to the doctors attending the training, and encouraging everyone to strive to improve their acupuncture skills to better serve the health of the local population.

President Cen Chunhua of the German TCM Association expressed gratitude to Dr. Chen Decheng for traveling all the way from the United States to Germany to impart his valuable knowledge. He highlighted that Dr. Chen’s contribution significantly enhances the acupuncture skills of German TCM practitioners. He also thanked the Chinese Consulate for its support of the association’s academic activities. The association will continue its efforts to contribute to the development of TCM overseas.


Dr. Chen Decheng expressed his gratitude to the German TCM Association for organizing this event, to the Chinese Consulate in Hamburg for its support, and to the TCM colleagues in Germany and Europe for their recognition. He stated that the small silver needles embody the wisdom of our ancestors and carry the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture serve as a window for spreading Chinese culture and as a calling card for China. They offer methods for bringing health and relieving suffering from diseases to all of humanity. As practitioners of TCM, it is our duty to promote and expand the reach of TCM and acupuncture around the world!

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