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Association Introduction

Motion Acupuncture  Society (MAS) Introduction: The Motion Acupuncture Society (MAS)  is  dedicated to promoting a unique acupuncture technique known as Motion Acupuncture Therapy. The association aims to elevate the clinical acupuncture skills of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, and professionals in the field to achieve better treatment outcomes and assist the public in relieving pain and other ailments.

The majority of our members are professional traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists who have completed at least one season (12 hours) of Motion Acupuncture courses. Our members are mainly distributed across the United States, Canada, China, and various European countries. Headquartered in New York, the association currently has branches, including the European Motion Acupuncture Medical Association, the Canadian Motion Acupuncture Medical Association, and the Chinese Motion Acupuncture Medical Association, with plans to establish branches in other countries and regions worldwide.

Members of the association enjoy a range of benefits, such as discounts on Motion Acupuncture products, including “Motion Acupuncture Therapy” and other related works, access to online courses (Basic Course and Seasons 1 to 5), and discounts on general acupuncture needles. Additionally, members can participate in global Motion Acupuncture academic exchange events at discounted or complimentary rates, fostering mutual exchange between members and providing teaching assistance. Outstanding members are recognized and rewarded annually.

During the initial establishment, the first batch of members were exempted from the first-year membership fee. Individuals who have participated in Dr. Chen Decheng’s courses for at least 12 hours, regardless of whether the courses were hosted by Qihuang Net, the American TCM Association, or other organizations such as the British Motion Acupuncture Association, the German Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, and the Canadian Motion Acupuncture Association, are eligible to join.

Members who complete all online courses from Season 1 to Season 5 are eligible to apply for membership in the Motion Acupuncture Global Medical Team. The association assists in promoting the individual, clinic, or medical institution of the member on the internet, enhancing their visibility and influence.

The Motion Acupuncture Medical Association operates under the leadership of a president, with board members appointed by the president, including vice presidents, a secretary-general, and specific departments for finance, education, publicity, research, and product development. Branches in different countries and regions are led by branch presidents and operate in accordance with the association’s constitution.

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