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Note: Members of the Motion Acupuncture Medical Association are eligible for discounted prices on all the following products. Please inquire via phone or WeChat, and have your membership certificate number ready (confirm its validity for use within the expiration date)

Exclusive distributor of Motion Acupuncture needles in the United States, De YI Tang Trading INC.

Packaging: 100 needles per box, each needle comes with 1 guide tube.

Price: $28.00 per box, domestic shipping within the United States starts at $10.00. Shipping costs for other countries and regions outside the United States are to be determined.

Special discount for members of the Motion Acupuncture Medical Association.

Contact Phone: 212-564-3324.

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Introduction to Motion Acupuncture Needle:

The Motion Acupuncture Needle is a new type of acupuncture patented needle invented by Dr. Chen Decheng. The needle body is designed with a multi-faceted spiral structure, employing a unique needling method to increase the stimulation of acupuncture, effectively clearing meridian blockages, quickly releasing myofascial tension, and being the preferred choice for motion needle retention. It acts as a formidable opponent against soft tissue pain, significantly improving treatment effectiveness.

The distinctive feature of this patented Motion Acupuncture Needle is the pentagonal cross-sectional shape of the needle body and needle tail, appearing as a pentagon from the exterior, and having threads, hence termed as the ‘Pentagonal Spiral Dynamic Acupuncture Needle.

The tip of the Motion Acupuncture Needle is circular, similar to the action of filiform needles. The pentagonal shape of the needle body increases the resistance during operation. When continuously rotated in the same direction, it easily entwines muscle fibers around the needle body, facilitating needle retention for traction. This aids in loosening tense muscles and myofascial tissues. This method is commonly used in the auxiliary techniques of motion acupuncture. During needle retention, the pentagonal spiral shape generates more friction between muscles compared to the filiform needle (circular), producing better results in reducing muscle tension and releasing muscle tightness during muscle movement.

For specific needle specifications, refer to the table