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Decheng Chen

The Inventor of Motion Acupuncture Needle, Ph.D., L.Ac. in New York, US

Chunhua Cen
(Vice President)

The President of German Society of TCM(TCM-Verband chinesischer Ärzte e. V. Germany

Shumin Xu
(Vice President)

The President of Motion Acupuncture association of UK, London, UK

Qian Wang
(Vice President)

The President Canadian Motion Acupuncture Association, Toronto, Canada

Xingfang Liu
(Vice President)

Director of International Cooperation & Continuing Education Department, Swiss University of TCM, Zurich, Switzerland

Yanyan Zhang
(Vice President)

Guangzhou , China

Ming Li
(Secretary General)

L.Ac. in New York, US

Hongjian He
(Education Commitee)

PA. in Florida, US

Zhenyu Zhou
(Academic Commitee)

L.Ac. in New York, US

Junying Li
(Academic Commitee)

Acupuncturist in Germany

Rusheng Wang
(Research and Innovation Commitee)

L.Ac. in California, US

Yibai Duan
(Publicity Committee, Promoting Ambassador)

L.Ac. in Seattle, US

Jessie Jie Chen
(Publicity Committee)

New York, US

Carolyn Egan
(Text Book Commitee )

L.Ac. in Seattle