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Motion Acupuncture in 55th TCM Rothenburg, Germany, 2024

New York News: The 55th Rothenburg Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference will be held from May 7 to 11, 2024, in Rothenburg, Germany. This event will attract approximately 1,200 participants from over 40 countries. Around 100 renowned speakers will discuss the latest developments and exciting topics. Motion Acupuncture will make its debut at this conference. Dr. Decheng Chen, the inventor of the motion acupuncture from the United States, will conduct a two-day introduction and live demonstration of the therapy. This presentation has drawn the attention of over 40 practitioners of both Chinese and Western medicine from Germany, Austria, the UK, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and the United States, among other European countries.

The Rothenburg Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference began in 1968 and has been held almost annually. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, no in-person meetings were held from 2020 to 2022. Now, this conference has grown to become the largest TCM conference in Europe, aiming to promote the exchange and development of traditional Chinese medicine. This year marks the 55th occurrence of the conference, with the theme “Shen and Psyche.” During the two-day special course on the motion acupuncture, Dr. Decheng Chen will introduce the theory of the motion acupuncture in the mornings and conduct practical demonstrations in the afternoons. Dr. Chen will provide precise motion acupuncture treatments for various volunteer subjects.

Nearly all the subjects achieved satisfactory treatment results. Comparisons before and after the treatments showed that pain had almost completely disappeared, and significant improvements were seen in joint mobility and function. Whether it was lens pain preventing head movement, shoulder pain from frozen shoulder hindering arm lifting, chronic lower back pain making it hard to bend, or knee pain impeding squatting, various conditions showed immediate improvement after just a few minutes of the motion acupuncture therapy. Everyone present was astounded by the effectiveness of the motion acupuncture Needle, frequently exclaiming “magical, incredible, unbelievable.”

At the beginning of the course, many participants were unfamiliar with the motion acupuncture, and some had only a slight understanding of it. After the first day of the course ended, the conference chair, Julia Stier, approached Dr. Decheng Chen with a smile and said, “I heard the wonderful stories about your treatments, very touching, and received positive feedback from many attendees.” By the end of the two-day course, the participants truly understood the power and magic of the motion acupuncture.

Through the exchanges, introductions, and demonstrations at this conference, the foundation was laid for promoting the motion acupuncture within Western medicine and increasing its understanding among Western practitioners. This effort also paves the way for further integration of the motion acupuncture into the broader acupuncture community, transcending race, nationality, and skin color. Traditional Chinese Medicine and the motion acupuncture are not only treasures of the Chinese nation but also assets for all humanity, meant to serve the health of people worldwide. This is the aspiration of the motion acupuncture practitioners.

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