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Motion Acupuncture in Switzerland 2024

[New York] At the invitation of the Swiss University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Chen Decheng made his first visit to Switzerland from May 11 to 13, 2024. He conducted a two-day in-person training course on the essentials and practical application of “Motion Needle Acupuncture” for TCM colleagues in Switzerland and Europe. Over 30 students attended this beginner-level in-person training, with the oldest being 75 years old. The students came from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom. The training was also broadcast live online. Dr. Chen’s lively and humorous teaching style was warmly received, garnering widespread praise.

The two-day course was very intensive, featuring three hours of Motion Needle Acupuncture theory classes each morning and three hours of practical classes each afternoon. Dr. Chen’s humorous and witty teaching style filled the classroom with laughter, making the otherwise dull and boring anatomical knowledge engaging and lively. The practical sessions were especially beneficial, with one student commenting that they had never encountered such a course before. Not only did they acquire professional knowledge and skills, but they also alleviated their own ailments. The oldest student, Mr. Shi, a senior TCM expert from Switzerland, excitedly said, “Sincerely thanks to Dr. Chen for generously imparting the theories and techniques of Motion Needle Acupuncture. I am also grateful for the precise treatment tailored for me, which immediately alleviated my 50-year-old chronic condition, significantly reducing my lower back pain and leg numbness!” After the Motion Needle Acupuncture treatment, her chronic illness of 50 years was improved right away.

During the practical sessions, students not only practiced needling techniques but also personally experienced the effects of Motion Needle Acupuncture. Those with cervical spondylosis, long-standing neck pain and stiffness who couldn’t lift their heads, those with periarthritis of the shoulder who couldn’t extend their arms, those with severe lower back pain, and those with knee joint pain who couldn’t squat all saw immediate results after just one treatment. As Dr. Chen put it, “resetting everyone’s ailments to zero.” A doctor with stiff neck pain who couldn’t turn his head while driving excitedly remarked, “Sincerely thanks to Dr. Chen for coming to Switzerland and generously teaching the Motion Needle Acupuncture course. The combination of theory and practice allowed me to personally experience the magic of Motion Needle Acupuncture. My neck and shoulder stiffness and limitations were relieved instantly, allowing me to turn my head again. I will definitely study Dr. Chen’s book and course replays thoroughly—this is truly the real deal”. As the saying goes, ‘a single word of true teaching is worth more than a thousand scrolls of falsehood.’

Among the students, there were several alumni from Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine currently residing in Switzerland. They felt a special closeness to Dr. Chen, truly experiencing the joy of meeting a fellow townsman in a foreign land. Dr. Tang Lijun, a senior TCM practitioner in Switzerland, said, “ alumnus Chen Decheng’s class was filled with laughter during the theory sessions and packed with practical knowledge during the hands-on practice. The students were both participants and beneficiaries.” Alumnus Jia Xiuzhi also expressed her deep feelings, saying, “Heartfelt thanks to alumnus Decheng for bringing us two days of wonderful training and demonstrations, and for solving our physical ailments. I was just recovering from a cold and started coughing yesterday afternoon, with breathing not so smooth. This afternoon, alumnus Decheng needled my chest muscles on both sides, and I immediately felt much smoother breathing. Coupled with chest expansion exercises, I felt a warm sensation in my chest on the drive back, and my cough significantly improved.”

Almost everyone experienced the Motion Needle Acupuncture and witnessed its amazing effects on themselves.

Dr. Chen Decheng’s European lecture tour mainly took place in Germany and Switzerland. In Germany, he conducted training and exchanges in Hamburg and Rothenburg. This was the second training session in Germany, primarily focused on hands-on practice. In Switzerland, the course emphasized essential theory and practical demonstrations. Although the teaching content had different focuses, the goal was the same: to ensure all students “learn it easily and apply it effectively.”

At the start of this training course, President Li Yiming of the Swiss University of Traditional Chinese Medicine gave an enthusiastic speech. He thanked Dr. Chen Decheng for accepting the invitation to teach in Switzerland and welcomed students from various regions to join the Swiss University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for their studies. He added a slogan: “Benefit for life!”

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