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Motion Acupuncture in New York 2023

【New York News】 On October 28, 2023, the hands-on training class for motion acupuncture in New York grandly opened. Over 50 participants attended the in-person class, coming from various parts of the United States, with the farthest participant traveling from Australia. This training class was conducted both in-person and online, with over 10 participants joining the live stream remotely. In total, nearly 70 individuals participated in this training session.

Today marks the first day of this course, focusing primarily on the motion acupuncture treatment for diseases related to the upper body, including the head-neck, shoulder joints, and upper limbs. The session covered the anatomical characteristics of muscles such as the sternocleidomastoid, pectoralis major, trapezius, and subscapularis, along with practical exercises for conditions like cervical spondylosis, neck stiffness, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Under the guidance of Dr Chen Decheng, students engaged in hands-on practice, receiving direct, face-to-face instructions from the teacher. The focus was on the operation of motion acupuncture for diseases related to the head-neck, shoulder joints, and upper limbs. Students practiced on each other, and everyone gained valuable experience. Please see the fascinating comparison of the effects before and after acupuncture below:

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