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Motion Acupuncture in Guangzhou, China 2023

【New York News】 At the invitation of China’s Qi Huang Healthcare, Dr. Chen Decheng, the director of the De Yi Tang in New York, held a 3-day “Motion Acupuncture Premium Hands-On Training Course” in Guangzhou from July 22 to 24. The event, which marked Dr. Chen Decheng’s first return to China in three years, garnered significant attention. Co-hosted by Qi Huang Healthcare, China’s largest traditional Chinese medicine education platform, and the Health China Research Association of Guangdong Province, the on-site attendees included participants from various provinces, autonomous regions, and Hong Kong, as well as international students from New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the United States, and more. Over 40 students attended the on-site learning, and some participants who couldn’t be present joined the course through synchronous online broadcasting. The students had a fulfilling experience, and the course received widespread praise, witnessing the miraculous effects of motion acupuncture therapy.

On the first day of the course, Dr. Chen Decheng primarily covered the essence of motion acupuncture therapy and demonstrated random examples of motion acupuncture techniques and their therapeutic effects. He summarized the key points of motion acupuncture therapy as “Five-Four-Three-Two-One”:

Five Components: Motion acupuncture therapy includes five major components – Motion Acupuncture Points, Motion Acupuncture Needles, Motion Acupuncture Techniques, Motion Needle Retention, and the Theories Behind Motion Acupuncture.

Four Innovations: These innovations include precision targeting of motion acupuncture points, patented needle formulations for motion acupuncture needles, the technique of needle retention and lifting, and the concept of motion needle retention.

Three Steps: Dr. Chen emphasized the three crucial steps of motion acupuncture therapy – finding the points, needling techniques, and incorporating movement as the core.

Two Special Techniques: The two special techniques highlighted were needle retention and lifting, along with needle movement during treatment.

One Central Focus: The central focus of motion acupuncture therapy is to use motion acupuncture points as the central target for treatment.

Dr. Chen demonstrated these concepts vividly, making them easy to understand and remember. Randomly selected students with various ailments underwent treatment demonstrations, and the effects were immediate, providing on-the-spot relief.

Acupuncture (including motion acupuncture) is not only a technical skill but also a distinctive cultural symbol of the Chinese.

Dr. Chen said, “You can learn theory from books, but when it comes to skills, you must learn from a teacher, from a master.

It’s admirable and impressive that the oldest participant in the class is 79 years old.

The second and third days of the course primarily involved hands-on practice among the participants. Dr. Chen Decheng provided face-to-face guidance, demonstrating hands-on techniques for various ailments from head to toe. The students gained practical experience in diagnosing and treating conditions such as neck pain, shoulder impingement, lumbar protrusion, tennis elbow, tenosynovitis, trigger finger, knee arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and more. The participants truly mastered the essentials and effectiveness of motion acupuncture, expressing unanimous agreement that motion acupuncture therapy is easy to understand, quick to learn, and immediately effective in application.

Under the guidance of Dr. Chen Decheng, a student with many years of experience in acupuncture and massage therapy, who had long suffered from lower back pain without satisfactory treatment, participated in practical exercises. With Dr. Chen’s guidance, they performed a release treatment on the lumbar erector spinae muscles. Surprisingly, the lower back pain disappeared immediately, and the movement of the lumbar region noticeably returned to normal. The student expressed amazement, stating that they had never considered treating the abdomen to alleviate lower back pain before, and this experience truly showcased the charm and powerful effects of motion acupuncture.

The students treated each other on the spot, with Dr. Chen guiding them nearby. The atmosphere was very lively, and the therapeutic effects were immediately apparent.

There was also an older doctor experiencing knee joint pain, unable to squat, and walking with intermittent difficulty. Before attending the class, walking was always challenging for him. With guidance from Dr. Chen, two other students performed a release treatment on the quadriceps muscles for this doctor. The results were immediate – he could squat, the pain mostly disappeared, walking became completely normal, and he felt significantly at ease. He mentioned that he had never addressed this muscle before, and learning motion acupuncture expanded his perspective and improved his skills.

The miraculous effects of the treatments between Dr. Chen and the students did not go unnoticed by the Qihuang Healthcare staff organizing the meeting. They were truly astonished and impressed. One staff member even requested Dr. Chen’s treatment for shoulder pain. After examination, Dr. Chen Decheng found that the staff member had a condition called high-low shoulder, where the right shoulder was significantly higher than the left one. This indicated excessive tension in the right shoulder blade elevator muscle, leading to spinal curvature. The treatment focused on releasing the tension in the right shoulder blade elevator muscle. After just a few minutes of motion acupuncture, the right shoulder noticeably lowered, and both shoulder blades were essentially balanced.

The age range in this face-to-face learning class was quite diverse, with the youngest being in their early 20s and the oldest being two 70-year-old doctors practicing traditional Chinese medicine. Among them, the oldest participant was 79 years old. Their dedication to learning was admirable and demonstrated the allure of motion acupuncture, suitable for people of all ages. Additionally, two non-professional students attended the class to learn motion acupuncture for self-care and to maintain the health of their families. They have already achieved significant results, benefiting themselves and their families. In the online courses on motion acupuncture, there are many non-professional students with zero background, all showing a strong interest in motion acupuncture. Their presence at the live class was to learn the operational details of motion acupuncture, and they finally fulfilled their wishes.

During the class, students actively participated in discussions. The organizers decided to hold a forum for all students to exchange ideas and experiences in motion acupuncture, providing an opportunity for everyone to express their thoughts.

This motion acupuncture learning class demonstrates that people of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from learning motion acupuncture. Whether it’s experienced senior doctors with a strong professional foundation and rich clinical experience or recent university graduates, everyone can participate in the learning experience without age or professional limitations.

the slogan of motion acupuncture: Instant Understanding, Fast Learning, Quick Working.

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