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Acupuncture in the Netherlands 2023

【Netherlands News】 On April 28, 2023, at the invitation of the Shenzhou Open University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dr. Chen Decheng engaged in a day-long academic exchange with local traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists. The event attracted dozens of English-speaking TCM colleagues, and the entire lecture and exchange were conducted in English.

The main topic of this lecture was the clinical application of motion acupuncture, with a special focus on the relationship between needle sensation and soft tissue layers. The presentation included in-depth analysis and explanations with the incorporation of many fascinating clinical treatment videos. The lecture was vivid, easy to understand, and the attendees felt a significant gain. It changed their traditional thinking patterns in acupuncture treatment, especially in the selection of acupuncture points, namely motion acupuncture points. They were greatly inspired by the unique structural design of motion acupuncture needles and gained a deep appreciation for the necessity of needle retention and movement. The concept of motion needle retention exceeded their expectations and was fully embraced during the lecture.

In the end, several students with neck pain, limited shoulder movement, and lower back pain volunteered to be randomly selected. Dr. Chen treated them for a few minutes, and immediately, the subjects experienced relief from pain and improved functionality. One particularly noteworthy case was a student with shoulder joint pain for several months, significantly restricted in movement with only a 90-degree range for both outward and forward bending. With just 2 motion acupuncture needles, Dr. Chen made all her pain disappear, and her range of motion for outward and forward bending almost completely returned to normal. The entire audience of students felt astonished and amazed at the remarkable results.

This trip to the Netherlands has increased the awareness of motion acupuncture among TCM colleagues in the Netherlands and Europe. It holds positive significance for the promotion of motion acupuncture techniques in Europe and globally.

Shenzhou Open University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Netherlands Report April 29, 2023