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Motion Acupuncture in London UK 2023

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On April 23rd, the world’s first Motion Acupuncture Needle academic event after the pandemic was successfully held at the Victoria Clayton Hotel in London, United Kingdom. On the first day, Dr. Chen’s brilliant speech and live demonstration deeply impressed the attendees with his superb medical skills and exquisite techniques. The second day’s hands-on teaching and practical training further elevated the academic event, as participants engaged in interactive learning and quickly mastered precise treatment. Overall, attendees were pleased to add another powerful tool to their acupuncture treatment repertoire.

The three-day academic conference, practical training, and clinical teaching have concluded successfully. Participants in this event were mainly acupuncture practitioners and traditional Chinese medicine doctors from Europe and the Americas, including the UK, Sweden, the US, Canada, China, and other countries and regions. Each participant went from initial nervousness while practicing on models to eagerly and confidently using acupuncture needles. As they bid farewell to each other, they all felt they had undergone an unforgettable learning experience. Special thanks to the hard work and dedication of teachers Nie Hui and Xu Shumin for organizing the event.

The motion acupuncture therapy refers to the treatment of diseases using a special needle tool called the motion acupuncture needle, employing a unique therapeutic approach involving motion needle retention. During the treatment, after inserting the motion acupuncture needle into the target area, the patient, under the guidance of the doctor, engages in specific body movements. This method replaces the traditional static needle retention in acupuncture, proving particularly effective in treating various ailments, especially those caused by muscle, fascia, and soft tissue injuries. Renowned UK traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture experts, Professors Wang Tianjun and Jiang Dan, attended the academic exchange and spoke highly of the motion acupuncture therapy based on their own experiences with its application.

Dr. Chen Decheng, Doctor of Medicine specializing in Acupuncture, is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of New York, USA. Currently serving as the director of New York Natural Acupuncture and Wellness, he holds the position of President at the American TCM Acupuncture Inheritance Association. Dr. Chen Decheng is also the Vice President of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies’ Committee on External Therapies and a member of the Executive Committee of the WFAS. Notably, he is the inventor of Motion Acupuncture, holding two patents related to this innovative technique and needle. Educationally, Dr. Chen Decheng earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and his doctoral degree from Nanjing University of TCM. Prior to his current roles, he worked at the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Research Institute of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing, holding the position of Associate Chief Physician. In 2001, he immigrated to the United States, amassing over 30 years of extensive clinical experience in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Dr. Chen Decheng is a prolific author, having written 17 specialized books on Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Some notable titles include “Chinese Acupuncture Monotherapy,” “Chinese Acupuncture for Specific Points,” “Comprehensive Book of Chinese Acupuncture for Beauty and Anti-aging,” and “Motion Acupuncture Therapy.” In addition to his books, he has published over 100 noteworthy articles on Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Dr. Chen Decheng is currently dedicated to the global promotion and training of Motion Acupuncture.

Each participant in this academic event gained valuable insights into the clinical diagnosis and treatment using motion acupuncture therapy. The next steps involve continuous practice, summarization, and improvement in clinical practice. Everyone realized that this is not just a simple promotion of acupuncture methods but also the dissemination of the traditional and miraculous culture of Chinese acupuncture. To conclude the conference, the renowned UK traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, Zheng Hongye, composed a spontaneous poem, bringing a perfect end to the event.

Qing Ping Le | In Praise of Motion Acupuncture”

Author: Zheng Hongye (Chinese Medicine Practitioner in the UK)

Motion Acupuncture technique,

Shining brightly in Huaxia.

Profound and easy to learn, a great tradition,

Instantaneous effects seen in the blink of an eye.

A millennium of ancient skills from Qihuang,

Innovated and expanded by modern practitioners.

Aiding the world with a needle,

Splendid, the essence of Chinese culture.

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